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"Brian is a smart, thoughtful programmer who has a consistent track record of well-plotted, well-executed radio stations. Brian's stations have navigated an always-changing format without the stumbles that often accompany the modernization of AC radio."

Sean Ross, VP/Music & Programming, Edison Research

"Brian Demay is one of the finest programmers and professionals in the radio industry today. He has worked with our Live In The Vineyard promotion successfully for years and his detail, follow through, communication and excellence is beyond compare. Brian is a gentleman, but also gets the job done at 110% every time. We cannot say enough great things about him!"

Claire Parr, Co-Founder, Live In The Vineyard / Owner/President, The Navigator Company

"Brian Demay is an individual who I've had the pleasure of working with and knowing as a friend. I endorse him with the highest praises for his professional skills and prowess and I embrace him as an individual who is capable of mentoring those in our business who need leadership. Brian is a stellar Program Director, an excellent air talent and someone who I would trust to execute any plan that was placed before him. If you don't hire him soon, I will, because we all need talent of the caliber of Brian."

Mike McVay, Sr. Vice President, Cumulus Media / Founder, McVay Media

"It was my pleasure to work with Brian Demay during the past four years. Under Brian’s leadership as Program Director, WTSS‐FM/STAR 102.5 achieved some of the best ratings success in the station’s history. Brian is strategic, and technically highly competent. He earned the respect of his fellow employees."

Larry Robb, Vice President / General Manager, Entercom Buffalo LLC

"It has been a pleasure to work with Brian. He is a hard worker and always strives to be the best! Brian is a top-notch programmer with amazing results! Brian also takes the time to step out of the box and take on the whole new digital world of radio programming with passion! You do not see this with very many Program Directors, and I'm happy to say I got the chance to work with him as a vendor and eventually at Entercom. I highly recommend Brian and hope to work with Brian again some day!"

Jennifer Pearson, Digital CS Manager, Entercom Digital at Entercom Communications

"Brian is a true professional. I have worked with Brian for the past 10 years and he has always been fair and respectful.  I recommend Brian highly.” 

Jimmy Fay, National Promotion, Right Way Music Group

 "Brian has been an incredible Program Director. I'm far better on-air thanks to his guidance. In addition, the station itself has never sounded better (and I've been listening since the 80's). His attention to details also included station promotions, contests, and the website along with all the attached audio, video, blogs, FaceBook pages, etc. (which Brian originally implemented). Not that I plan on leaving Star anytime in the near future, but the ultimate recommendation I could give is whatever station he ends up at, I'm going to wish I had a job there too."

John Anthony, Star 102.5, Buffalo, NY

"I worked with Brian Demay from 2006 through 2011. As Director of New Media Sales, my role was to generate sales and revenue utilizing all of the digital assets of our radio stations, including those of Star 102.5. Brian would regularly approach me with web-based and digital opportunities that he designed which had sales revenue potential. He would work with me to find the most effective way to generate both results for the advertisers and revenue for the radio station. As well, I would regularly approach Brian with sales-driven opportunities, and Brian would tailor the programs so that they were both programming-friendly and sales-effective. I also worked with Brian to launch new digital products for the radio station. These included, but were not limited to, iPhone Apps, Text Messaging products and Sales/Marketing e-mails. Brian’s assistance was invaluable in launching the products, monetizing the opportunities, and effectively delivering results for our advertisers. Overall, Brian found a perfect balance of helping us to generate digital revenue while remaining true to the programming goals of the radio station."

Matt Giansante, Director of New Media Sales, Entercom Buffalo

“It is a true pleasure to work with Brian, whose knowledge and opinion I wholeheartedly trust. In addition, Brian is honest, creative and dependable, traits that his clients often call upon to help them reach professional goals. I am the sales and marketing manager at the Hard Rock Cafe, and Brian and his staff have helped us promote many small and large venue events throughout the past few years. In the fast-paced radio/live music environment, Brian always finds time to respond in a timely fashion, and make the necessary connections so that proper planning and promotion can be achieved. In addition, he is always willing to make recommendations to make each event 'bigger and better' than the last. I look forward to many future collaborations with Brian and his talented staff.” 

Susan Swiatkowski, Sales and Marketing Manager, Hard Rock Cafe

“Honest, hard working, creative, intelligent. These are just some of the qualities that come to mind when thinking about Brian. He is a first class professional that is willing to listen, learn and work with you to help accomplish your goals.”

Pete Cosenza, Sr VP Promotion Adult Formats, Columbia Records 

"Everyone starts somewhere, and I have the singular pleasure of having managed the first radio station that Brian worked at - and it was a pleasure. Brian was passionate about broadcasting and dedicated to growing as a professional even then and it is clear from his career path since moving up from WDBI, that I'm not the only manager who observed that. Brian was fun, trustworthy, creative, honest, motivated, engaging, great with people and always trying and succeeding at improving his craft. It was a great joy for me to be a part of Brian's early career in radio and a source of continued pride that he continues to excel in this industry.”

Don Backus, President & General Manager, WDBI-FM

"Brian is a gifted leader with the capacity to lead his employees with his positive personality and style. He is a gifted leader that brings out the best in his staff."

Lorna Swisher, Executive Director, Main Street Piqua  

“When I think of the name Brian Demay, the word PASSION is the first to come to mind! He gave 110% every day and his attention to detail is amazing! I think that Brian has a unique understanding of the radio listener, which translated into great on air content and promotions.

He cares about the "brand" of the station and the listener's overall experience. From a sales perspective, I was able to bring ideas that he made better so the station achieved success, clients were thrilled and the listener was happy to be a part of!”

Vanessa Miller, Senior Account Executive, Entercom Buffalo

"Brian has always been the ultimate professional in broadcasting. He has stayed on the cutting edge of the industry and can deliver ratings results. He has a unique ability to work well with both the broadcast side of radio and with sales management. He has a full understanding of what it takes to run a cluster of stations. I highly recommend Brian Demay for any management position in the broadcast industry."

Cindy Semer, Account Manager at Lamar Outdoor


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Wine tasting, hiking, writing, playing and listening to music